New Consultants

    Receive Comprehensive Training in the KeyneLink Method

Because the quality of the implementation of KeyneLink is so important to us, we have developed a comprehensive, one-on-one training process to help our consultants hit the ground running. The initial training and orientation process takes place via a series of online meetings and phone calls around your schedule and from the comfort of your own office. This allows us to clearly map our processes to your existing ones and establish a solid philosophical base from which to work.  During these discussions, you will learn to:

  • Help your client develop clear initiatives
  • Establish performance agreements
  • Navigate through KeyneLink
  • Use KeyneLink to drastically improve communication within your organizations
  • Use Keyne Insight and KeyneLink to support initiatives for your own business
  • Demonstrate KeyneLink to your clients and prospects
  • Use KeyneLink data to identify additional opportunities with clients

In addition, monthly consultant conference calls provide in-depth training and information on varying topics, and our annual hands-on workshops allow you to network with other consultants and to pick our brains about whatever’s on your mind.