Consultant training


What is the Keyne Institute?

The Keyne Institute is about creating a community around your company, including structured training and certification programs to understand the components within the program. 


We certify through online training and conference calls to ensure you fully understand the principles of execution and the KeyneLink implementation process. Following certification, consultants will be assisted during the first few client presentations/demos and sales calls. Clients will receive a KIC (Keyne Insight Consultants) team dedicated to their companies to assist with any questions they have about our software. Remember that we are not just selling our software, it includes robust support and an implementation process. We partner with you.

The certification process has separate levels for employees, managers, and executives. Within those levels, the Keyne Institute also has beginner, intermediate, and advanced training levels consisting of management, leadership, and other aspects of KeyneLink software. Following certification, scheduled conferences will occur regularly to communicate with you and your business.


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