Our story


In December of 1999 Keyne Insight founder, Wayne Nelsen,  had a client that he was working with on strategy and leadership development. This client was going through major changes in the organization and wanted to shift the culture from command and control to a more progressive one that better matched his leadership style.


One Thursday evening, several months into the project, Randy, the organization's leader, called Wayne into his office and showed him the performance appraisal form that he was supposed to use with his VP of Operation the next day.  It was literally a five by eight card with three questions on it. They both laughed about it and Randy asked Wayne if he could help design a better process.

Wayne was insistent that it be a different process, not the traditional performance appraisal because he did not feel there was value in that. They talked about what would be included in a process that matched what they had been communicating in the leadership training and the strategy sessions. Wayne felt strongly that it was important to focus on the organization achieving its initiatives.  If the focus was on individual performance, like all the performance appraisal processes are, then he wanted nothing to do with it. The more they talked, the more excited they both became.  Finally Randy asked him to design something over the weekend that they could roll out during a company meeting the following Monday. 


Once Wayne got home that night, he started to question how he could possibly get all this done by Monday. He didn’t have time to do a bunch of research and see what everyone else was doing.  In 1999 you couldn’t just Google it as you can now; he had to build it quickly and from scratch.

The prototype process was rolled out the following Monday for Randy’s company.  It did have some holes in it, but those were fixed as they went along. The process was very well received and worked great.  It accomplished exactly what Randy and Wayne had discussed on that Thursday evening.

That was the beginning of Keyne Insight, founded solely around the process of execution.  The process Wayne developed is now called Keynelink snd the supporting software is KeyneLinkWeb. Keyne Insight has since spent the last two decades further developing and refining the KeyneLink process.