Why is execution so difficult? We have the answer.

Why Companies Struggle With Execution And How We Can Fix That

Leading and managing execution within an organization is not an intuitive or straightforward endeavor.  If it were, every organization would be excelling and exceeding their plans.   

They are not. 

Unfortunately, missing plan is so common in business that it is almost expected.  Too often, achieving merely 70% of the plan is cause for celebration.   The vast majority of managers and executives do not have confidence in their organization's ability to execute at the level required to achieve their growth plans.  This absence of confidence leads to a lack of total commitment to achieving the plan.  It becomes a wish, a hope, something that would be great if we achieved it, but not something that the organization fully believes in and is fully committed to achieving. 

Organizations don’t lack for plans.  They lack the knowledge, tools, and systems to effectively manage execution.  We have found that it is this lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding execution principles and execution management processes that is the greatest obstacle to organizational results.  



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Strategy and Execution: Bridging the Gap

KeyneLink is the link between strategy and execution




KeyneLink is a revolutionary strategy execution management system that integrates your organization’s initiatives with the daily activities of your people. It is part process, part software, and part roadmap. It motivates your organization, teams, and employees to work together to reach goals that take your organization to the next level. KeyneLink promotes ongoing communication and feedback amongst organizational members. These two characteristics have proven time and again to be the keys to successful strategy execution.

With KeyneLink’s software, you can:

  • Track progress towards initiatives and goals with at-a-glance reporting
  •  Uncover gaps between employee perceptions and   realities of organizational progress
  •  Drive communication throughout your organization
  •  Easily communicate changes in direction
  •  Monitor the progress of employee agreements through graphic, customizable reports
  •  Identify performance trends and encourage regular performance feedback

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