What is KeyneLink?

KeyneLink is a world class, web based execution management system created to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. We align your entire organization from the CEO to the receptionist, toward the achievement of your specific initiatives.

We have the answers to your business execution problems.

 Change is good, and it is common; However, communication is key. Managing the execution of your company is our priority. Most companies have a business plan they edit and plan to stick to every year, however, don't use it. You have market and business ideas and we help you make it a reality. We have created a process to clarify what employees specifically need to do, then manage their progress over new and outgoing material. We connect business goals and progress from the CEO to the receptionist.

The number one right to employees is to know what is expected from them. Most employees do not know specifically what they need to be doing and we can change this. By developing performance agreements, you can easily focus on each employee individually by breaking down the hierarchy from manager to employee, from top to bottom. This connection is what defines success per individual, therefore increasing the success of your company.

Our foundation consists of three pieces: Visions, Missions, and Initiatives.

You have a vision, we make it happen. By clearly laying out employees job responsibilities and goals, your company can productively run at its maximum efficiency. When you use our software, we simplify the process of monthly progress meetings to execute your newly developed or improvised plan.


Execution is our mission to make your business work efficiently. We clarify and deploy organizational initiatives to separate between what is getting done and what is not. .